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Ice Ice Baby

There is so much fun to be had with frozen water. A few choice dinosaurs frozen in a tupperware pot bring out everyone's latent archeologist. The children have used their problem solving skills to find tools to release them from a mini ice age.

We have also had a lot of mysterious dinosaur eggs lying around- aka water ballooons frozen overnight. Of course they need collecting and putting into a nest.

I have had many dinosaur conversations with the children this week - many revealed an ardent love of these reptiles. It's amazing how many species very young children can name accurately - not easy with such complicated language.

We are carrying on with our icy theme for as long as the children are interested.

Here are a few ideas from the web to keep you going at home too.

Happy Hooligans always have great ideas to inspire - I like these icy gloves.

There are 200 Winter Science activities to keep you going at and of course

the best place for ideas is Pinterest - spring will be here before you get through this lot.

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