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An Ode to Love

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

I love trees, I love woods, I love being outside. I love the cold, crisp, sunny days that make you glad you left the house, make you glad to be alive. I even love Jack Frost nipping my fingers & toes if the winter sun is out too. I even enjoy the mud. I especially enjoy getting the hose out at home to rinse it all off as long as it is on the super jet setting. May I never be too old to send a few rogue arcs of water squirting across the garden. All this while my own children are working hard at school...

I need to be outside every day. This winter I have carried on swimming outdoors and my goodness it makes you fizz with exhilaration. Nature makes us feel good. Recently one of our mums described her forest school visits as a reset button for the week. Her husband can tell if it's been a forest school day.

It's Valentine's Day this week so we will be sharing the love for the trees cos they make us feel so good. We are also taking the opportunity support #hollyspombombs and spread mental health awareness. One of our mums asked me if we would join in this action in memory of her sister who took her own life last year.

"Holly Cowlam was caring, charismatic and vibrant. She was a psychology student and had studied modules in mental health. She was surrounded by loving family and friends who would have moved heaven and earth to help her had she asked. Perhaps she didn’t know how to ask. She was diagnosed with depression; a diagnosis that she said made her feel ashamed. A week later she chose to end her life. Holly’s story is a reminder that mental illness can be experienced by anybody. It’s ok not to be ok. Don’t suffer in silence. Call the Samaritans on 116 123 for support. On February 13th we are pombombing across the world to remember Holly and all the joy she brought us. Join us and spread mental health awareness by sharing a pombomb photo and tagging @hollyspombombs #hollyspombombs on Facebook and lnstagram."

Get outside, breathe deeply, look at the sky and feel the breeze on your skin. Whatever has happened in the day just taking a moment to appreciate the wonders that surround us can be a micro reset. If we do it enough it's major.

There is a lovely article about the health benefits to being outdoors from Trip Outside. It's enough to make you put your coat on and get out in the weather.

The Forestry Commission are doing lots of great stuff too to promote Shinrin Yoku - Japanese forest bathing. They have a step by step guide as well as a top 10 of places to do it.

Take care of your mental health, be a good example to your children. Slow down and take it all in.

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