Unless there are electrical storms or very high winds, we don't let the weather stop us from our adventures in the forest. There are a number of ways we keep cosy, warm, safe and dry even when it's icy cold or raining outside. Here's how:

Little Badgers Keeping Warm In Winter
We light a fire to keep us cosy. We sometimes use the fire for activities like cooking, making hot drinks and making charcoal.

Little Badgers Keeping Warm In Winter
We bring lots of flasks of hot water and offer free hot drinks.
Hot chocolate is my favourite! What's yours?

Little Badgers Keeping Warm In Winter
We play active games that keeps us warm. We also do activities that really help us to make the most of the weather. This usually involves a lot of exploring things!

Little Badgers Keeping Warm In Winter...And most importantly, WE DRESS IN WARM, WATERPROOF CLOTHES!!!

This really is the most important thing of all. Below is a list of clothing we recommend at Badgers Forest School Bristol. Lots of thin layers will keep you warmer than one or two thick layers so you needn't go and buy lots of expensive specialist equipment. Simply wear more of what you have in your wardrobe! We do however highly recommend investing in some good waterproofs. 


Badger's Forest School Bristol's Recommended List of Winter Clothing:

On the top
Lots of thin layers will keep you much warmer than one thick one. We recommend that 7-8 layers are worn underneath the coat. For example: 
• 2 vests (Merino wool is warmest. Otherwise silk, wool or fleece.)
• A short sleeved t-shirt or thermal vest (merino wool if you can get it)
• 2-3 long sleeved t-shirts 
• Two old jumpers (which you won’t mind getting muddy) 
• A waterproof coat (which you won’t mind getting muddy)

On the bottom
It is recommended that in cold winter weather, 2-3 layers are worn on the bottom. For example:
• 1-2 pairs of tights or leggings (Wool, fleece or thermal. Avoid cotton)
• Old trousers (which you won’t mind getting muddy)
• Waterproof over-trousers

• TWO PAIRS OF SOCKS IS NOT ENOUGH! Wear as many as you can comfortably fit inside your wellies of boots but not so many that it's tight which will make your toes colder. I wear 4-5 pairs of wool or fleece socks inside walking boots in winter. 
• Wellies or snowboots (bigger wellies than the size normally worm will allow enough socks to be worn to keep feet warm and dry)