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Paper is not a common resource at Forest School, but some keen authors and artists felt so inspired by the Forest that they wanted to express some of that creativity!
Childrens WorkDear Diary,
I am here all alone in vast, open, green, breezy woods. The tall, strong trees stand proud around me. A gust of wind suddenly makes the trees wave and dance. The bright, glorious sun beams down onto the forest. The trees' dark shadow provides perfect shade. There are patches of sunlight here and there. The air is moist while the ground is dry and warm. The birds are calling and singing to one another. There is a distant chatter of children playing. The wood has a strong woody smell. CRACK as someone steps on a twig. The air smells fresh. There are some nettles around and I got stung it really hurts. A spider suddenly runs up my arm and send a cold shiver down my spine.
from Emily, Year 4





Childrens Work I hear quietness and the sound of beautiful birds.

I can smell the fuel of a passing train.

I can see the trees swaying from side to side.

I feel alone and safe at the same time.

I can feel my heart pounding when a train comes near.

I feel happy when all I can hear is quietness.

Dear Diary,

Childrens Work I take one step into the magical forest and my heart pumps like mad, full of excitement. All I can hear is birds tweeting a beautiful song. It's like music to my ears. The wind blowing side to side and children having the time of their lives. I see the sun popping in and out of the clouds, trees and plants waving about. It's like the forest has come to life. But what's this? The builders, they're chopping down trees and destroying the forest. I try to stop them but it's no use. Suddenly they stop. Yay! The forest goes light again. I feel amazing. I want to live here so much. I have to go now 'til next time.

Bye bye.

from Rosie
Year 4

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