About Badgers Forest School Bristol

Forest School was an idea that originated in Scandinavia as a way of teaching children about the natural world. Over the last 50 years, Forest School has become a fully integrated part of the curriculum for many schools across the UK and Europe.

Forest School develops:

  • Self esteem & confidence
  • Social & communication skills
  • Essential physical skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Positive attitudes to learning

Forest School promotes:

  • Respect for nature
  • Magical experiences
  • Teamwork & creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Responsibility through risk-taking

There are growing concerns in the UK about children's experiences of childhood. Many children play outdoors less, eat unhealthy foods more and stare at screens more often than we might like!

At Badgers Forest School Bristol, we aim to re-kindle some of the magical joys of childhood like climbing trees and getting muddy!


We also think that the if children build a relationship with the outdoors when they're very young, and experience being outside regularly, they will be more likely to be motivated to continue enjoying the outdoors more when they're older. We think this makes children happier and healthier which is why we run Little Badger Carer and Toddler group!