Categories: General
      Date: May  9, 2018
     Title: Spring News
Jenny recently went to the Forest School Association South West gathering in Somerset.

Practitioners come from all over the region - Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Bath and Bristol. This year was in Hallr Wood in Charlton Mackerel. The nightingales serenaded everyone all night as they sat round the campfire swapping stories and songs. It's a wonderful opportunity for practitioners to get together. It's always an inspiring event. This year Jenny has come back with some new songs, more campfire stories, lots of making ideas and lots of inspiring conversations. Trying out new skills puts the forest school leaders back into the role of the learner. It reminds us in our bodies what it feels like to try something new. With that feeling fresh in our bodies it's much easier to work with children and support them with empathy. Trying something for the first time can be challenging...but worth it in the end.