Categories: General
      Date: Sep  6, 2017
     Title: What do teachers do on an inset day?
Hotwells Primary School staff came out to the woods to play. With Rachel Manley from Wild Wood Adventures we helped the team cook their own lunch over an open fire.

As one of the teachers reflected - it all started with a spark. Once we showed them how to get the fire going we told everyone what was on the menu. We handed out the ingredients and let them cook. Like many things the simple act of cooking together to share a meal turned out to be a very rich experience indeed. Some people had never made bread, some went off for quiet contemplation and many, many interesting questions & ideas were discussed. Pudding of elderberry soup turned everyone's tongue bright blue. It reminded me of picking bilberries as a child and denying eating them as I went. My tongue gave me away! We ended the session with a story round the fire and some reflections on the day. Everyone enjoyed themselves. There was much comment on the huge amounts of laughter coming from our camp as well as the feeling of freedom. All in all I think everyone felt in very good shape to start a new academic year. If you know a school who would like a similar experience, please get in touch by e-mail.