Categories: General
      Date: Mar 13, 2017
     Title: Spring is here
Our outdoor learning at Bishop Road School is going well. Year 4 have been testing out their survival skills while Year 5 have been constructing their fantasty gardens in miniature.
Little Badgers are revelling in the warmer weather after our winter in the woods.

It is such a treat to be outdoors now that spring is in the air. Little Badgers children can move around more easily now that some of the layers can be left at home!
We have taken advantage of the wild garlic popping up to make some garlic butter. More foraged food to follow no doubt.
Jenny did some great professional development courses over the winter. We now have a ladder to play with and a saw horse every week for anyone who wants to get thetools out. Some of our two year olds show some inspiring levels of concentration while wielding a junior hacksaw.
The older children at school are also leaping around the field like spring lambs. They need only the smallest idea to transform it into something wonderful. It is a joy to behold.