Categories: General
      Date: May 29, 2016
     Title: Outdoor Story Sessions at Bishop Road Primary School
We have finished our 6 week project - 2 year groups, 240 children, 24 sessions!
It's been a massive hit!

The children loved the story of little people living in the trees. They spotted them everywhere although I myself failed to see even one. That's adult eyes for you... We had some interesting versions of Harry Potter as imagined by Minpins. The children were inspired to adapt, manipulate, import other narratives and twist the story we did have. Altogther they used everything in front of their eyes to bring it to life.
The children also had to dig deep in some sessions when things went wrong. Cardboard swallows disintegrated, clay creatures collapsed, other children took building materials from existing dens - sometimes the tears of disappointment were flowing. It seems like a universal experience and there is nothing like sharing to make it feel better. The children were sensitive and full of empathy in times of need.
The children loved their time on the field. I loved it! It's amazing what a seemingly ordinary playing field can offer with a little imagination.